We’re ALL in for ALL Students

Every kid deserves access to quality public education and a school where they feel safe and supported. Some politicians, backed by corporate interests, are making our kids’ schools ground zero for their own agenda. They want to ban books and honest conversations about our country to keep us from working together across our differences for a better future. Instead of supporting all students’ freedom to learn, they are blaming students and teachers while slashing funding and drumming up division.

Across the country, All In for All Students– a project of Showing Up for Racial Justice– brings together parents and community leaders to rally around school board candidates and school board initiatives that support healthy learning environments for ALL students. We want school boards that are committed to honest education and to making sure none of our students are forced to hide who they are at school – no matter their race, gender or who they want to take to prom. Through our online trainings and remote cohort of support, anyone from anywhere can push local school boards to support all students.

Thriving public schools are a pillar of thriving communities. Together, we can stand up to the bullies and make classrooms safe and welcoming for everyone. Join us in speaking up at school board meetings, contacting elected leaders, and voting in school board members across the country that are All in for All Students.

Our Campaigns

From supporting “All In” school board candidates to supporting initiatives to protect trans kids, we’re building a national movement rooted in local communities. If you don’t have a campaign in your area, you can start one yourself OR you can join in remotely on work happening somewhere else.

Get Involved

Learn more about how to get involved in ongoing campaigns or start your own.

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